In Character

At night the Skeleton Army will rise, to feast and party in other regions, before returning home to again rest.

We are the greatest raider region in NationStates.

We are the fearless armies of the undead.

We conquer regions under the cover of darkness.

Mighty and strong as they imagined themselves to be, regions have proved powerless against the forces of the undead, as they were overrun by our skeletal warriors.

Our glorious leader is the Warrior Skeleton Queen of Ramazakal.

Countless are the regions through which she has stridden in victory.

Countless are the vanquished foes who have signed the Thighbone of Surrender.

Renowned are the feasts we have celebrated amongst our defeated enemies.

Out Of Character

What does The Skeleton Army do?

Our raids are roleplay. Once in a while, we visit another region. We roleplay an invasion and subsequently throw a party for everyone present.

Seize another region’s delegacy? We aren’t interested. The nations we move to a region during an invasion are not in the WA. The delegacy of a region does not change during a raid by The Skeleton Army.

When we leave after an invasion, what remains is a roleplayed raid and party recorded in the RMB archive. Sometimes the region also builds an in-game embassy for the long term, kept as a sign of friendship.

I want to join The Skeleton Army.

If you want to join The Skeleton Army with a nation, bring a sense of humour and enjoyment of creative, cooperative roleplay. You can either use an existing nation you have, or create a brand new nation with an apt name for the purpose. Move your nation to our region and send a telegram to our founder.

If your motivation is to yell for negative attention, we aren’t interested.

The ongoing roleplay on our RMB will help you develop your character. You’ll get to know the other skeletons, and they’ll get to know you.

Additional talk happens on our offsite forum. Sign up to participate.

What do I do during an invasion?

We are intermittently active. There will be plenty of notice. Once our founder has announced that now we’re invading region so-and-so, move your nation to region so-and-so. Don’t worry about timing (updates, what’s that?). The Skeleton Army is notoriously uncoordinated. Check out what others are posting and pick up the theme where it happens to be at the moment.

Find a balance for your character’s play between warlike braggadocio and staggering incompetence. Mishaps and strange occurrences are encouraged. Rudeness towards others is not tolerated.

According to tradition, troop movement fails in timing, followed by awkward silence, then the Queen arrives. Or the Queen arrives and the troops aren’t there yet, and she’s disappointed. Or they are there, but not tending to business. Or something else goes wrong. Never know which way it will go.

Once the thighbone of surrender has been signed by the representative of the invaded region, the party we’re throwing for everyone begins.

When the Queen announces that the party is over, we all move back to our region again.

I’m a founder or delegate, and I hope my region will be raided by you!

If you are a founder or delegate who would like to invite The Skeleton Army to your region, you can send a telegram to our founder. Your region should be reasonably large and interesting, with enough potential for partying. Please note that we only go on raids once in a while.

A not very inconspicuous spy will arrive in your region to check it out prior to the invasion.

During the invasion, roleplay with us on the RMB. Encourage the others in the region to do the same. Enjoy the chaos and strangeness. Most importantly, sign the thighbone of surrender when it is presented to you. No party until the thighbone of surrender is signed!

Optional things you can do during an invasion:

We’ve had delegates and founders who were very creative about demonstrating that their region had surrendered to The Skeleton Army. They announced on their WFE that the region was conquered while we were there. They changed their own nation’s pretitle. Skulls and skeletons appeared in the founder’s/delegate’s national flags and in the regional flag for the duration of the raid.

If you want to, you can request an in-game embassy with our region. We keep the embassies with regions we have invaded in the long term, as a remembrance of good times.

I noticed a spy from The Skeleton Army has arrived in my region! What now?!?

Your region will probably be invaded by us soon. Be sure to log in daily, so that you don’t miss the fun. If you don’t enjoy roleplaying, simply ignore the whole thing. If you do enjoy it, roleplay with us on the RMB while we’re there.

The Skeleton Army on NationStates

The Skeleton Army’s Blog: Home Page


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