Diplomacy with Ulthar, January 2009

Mayor for Life, the founder and Mayor of Ulthar, on regional diplomacy:

Ulthar Ambassador: The Rogue Nation of Undead Berzerker, and alternately, The Blithering Nonsense of Monkeys in Helmets

Ulthar Diplomat’s Summary: The Skeleton Army has Ulthar’s only invader Ambassador, Ghost of Berzerker, because while they do raid, it is an army of undead warriors who ceremonially demand that your region admit defeat and then hold a big party with flying tanks of ice cream, berrquilla, and sticky ribs. Monkeys trades off with Berzerker in peacetime as she chose him to be her pet monkey. Some diplomats have it better than others.

Diplomat Pavillion on the Ulthar offsite forum


About The Skeleton Army

We are undead invaders! Find us on NationStates.

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