Texas Invasion, August 2009

Invasion of Texas by The Skeleton Army!

This was long before people could scroll back regional message boards – Max Barry introduced the feature saving regional message board posts on NationStates in February 2011.

Thanks to NewTexas, it’s a special treat to be able to read some of the roleplay happening in 2009. Regional message board transcript by NewTexas on the Texas regional offsite forum.

The Texas Tuesday 2-Step Tour of Bearistotle and Hebert:
My last post got eaten. Okay, tea, beer and home made cookies and muffins are on the table.

The Warrior Skeleton Queen of Ramazakal:
Ripped Roots so glad that you have come back. Let us pitch our tents over there under those trees. *whispers to Roots* there sure are alot of strange nations here, and they call us strange

The Dominion of Ripped Roots:
Obviously they’ve never been to Oklahoma.
*pitches blue tent, taps keg of cold beerquilla, serves locals*
Trecdom! Release tractor beam! It’s a TSA tradition – stand back.
*giant tank of ice cream falls from sky, lands right in front of tent*
Perfect. Chocolate? Vanilla? Butter Pecan?

Read the entire thread on the Texas forum

Click on the images to enlarge the screenshots.













About The Skeleton Army

We are undead invaders! Find us on NationStates.

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