Ulthar Diplomacy: Parade of Regions, October 2009

Ramazakal, Queen of The Skeleton Army – may rose petals ever adorn her victorious path – remembers the beginnings.

Mayor for Life:

As part of our First Anniversary Celebration, we invited all of our friendly regions to post some history about their region on the Ulthar RMB.

The Warrior Skeleton Queen of Ramazakal:

A history of the Skeleton Army? Well it started as a small region and me and tupac joined when Humourous and another were the only ones there. They had started it as a joke I think. Anyway as you can see we are still here except for Tupac and he will always be remembered as our General.We have been into more regions than I can remember, we have been asked by many invader regions to join with them. But we are the great and mighty Skeleton Army and we know what we are doing. Are history is this, we were, we are and we will be………….

Parade of Regions on the Ulthar Site


About The Skeleton Army

We are undead invaders! Find us on NationStates.

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