The West Pacific Invasion, April 2010

The successful invasion of The West Pacific is well documented on its regional forum. The gargantuan feeder stood no chance against onslaught of the undead, and surrendered quickly.


Twp Surrenders To The Skeleton Army

It began as a typical Thursday. A few “good morning” posts from the morning regulars, a couple of BADspams, and then the announcement came.

“Prepare this region for its Rightful Queen, Ramazakal the Beautiful, the Beneficent, the All-loving and All-knowing. Sign the Platinum-Plated Thighbone of Surrender (scrimshawed in 18-carat gold lettering) and all will go well with thee.”

And Rolheath signed.

Good thing, too, because his signature paved the way for the BBQ and beerquila fest that followed. Also, in a West Pacifican first, FRIDAY NIGHT KARAOKE in TWP instituted a Special Thursday edition to celebrate the merger with The Skeleton Army. What followed was a celebration that has continued to this very day. Nearly a full week of BBQ, beerquila, karaoke, and the kind of RMB FUN that one would only find in a Feeder invasion.

Skeleton Army officer Ripped Roots says, “Never has the Skeleton Army participated in this kind of campaign. It is truly unique. Totally unforgettable. The people in TWP are – HEY! Are those ˜sticky ribs™? Another pitcher of Chocolate Iguanas, please.”

Queen Ramazakal herself was overheard commenting, “Of all the regions under my dominion, The West Pacific is the finest and holds a special place in my heart. Well, in the section of my rib cage where my heart once was – let’s leave it at that.”

TWP Delegate-elect Darkesia had this to say about the Invasion. “Any other invaders would have been sent to Kandarin long ago; they wouldn’t have had a chance in TWP. But The Skeleton Army is different. I mean, look – they offer BBQ and beerquila. Who can say “NO” to that?”

Read all about it! on The West Pacific Forum


About The Skeleton Army

We are undead invaders! Find us on NationStates.

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