We found our friends were close

We found our friends were close

by The Bone of Contention
On the occasion of our region’s defense by TITO, June 2013
Dedicated to every one of our defenders
Members and Friends

Melody: The Briar and the Rose
by Tom Waits


I fell asleep, so it would seem
And there I had the strangest dream
A day when cold an ill wind blows
What do you do on those

There’s a throne of bones
And you wonder where
The Queen has gone and left her chair
You send a signal in the air
And hope your friends are close

Long in the garden it has been
A spade that all the grasses green
The daffodil and iris knows
The briar and the rose

We picked up a spade one early morn
A deed from trust and friendship born
And on that day, as history shows
We found our friends were close

No ill wind shall tear us apart
Although our ribs enclose no heart
And empty skulls no brains enclose
We love this place we chose

And when we’re buried in our crypts
Tell us so we may know
An ancient tale
From long ago
We found our friends were close

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