The Battle of the Bones by Aersoldorf

Poem by Aersoldorf about the roleplay of 10000 Islands with The Skeleton Army in November / December 2013.

If someone would like to re-read the RP, it starts here.

The Battle of the Bones



‘Twas the week of Thanksgiving and all thro’ the Isles
The natives awaited the season with smiles
Sir Thomas tried taking a Kraken alive
Not sensing the danger that soon would arrive
The Grubster was napping, ensconced in his fort
While Cerb worked in chambers upon a report
Yes, life was idyllic that bright, sunny day
I could not decide, should I work or just play?
When down on the beach there arose such a clatter
I slipped and fell down on fresh pelican splatter
Then loudly and clearly a single conch blew
Announcing the coming of Queen you know who
The wail of that shell, well it soon filled the sky
With the sound of the Skeleton’s fierce battle cry
Then, what to my watering eyes should appear
A Bilge Rat named Ronnie who’d come to strike fear
With a flick of her wrist that was lively and quick
She spread out some roses (to me they looked slick)
Then, lo, their great leader, Queen Ramazakal
She slipped on those petals and almost did fall
Faux pas soon behind her, the skeletal dame
Brought forth reinforcements, she called them by name
“Contention and Army, Vampiric and Spade,
On Shelob, On Nameles, On Dragon and Plague
From island to island, now scale ev’ry wall
This vast archipelago to us shall fall
Now off into battle, your air mattress row
But beware of the Kraken that’s lurking below”
A sharp, pointy rock the air mattress did sink
Then Thomas and Spade were pulled down in the drink
Armed with espresso and shiny gold coin
The Island defenders the battle did join
Assaulted by cream pies and magnolia petals
The skeletal forces displayed their great mettle
“O please, Island folk, if you’ll give us your land
We will throw a big party, complete with a band
We’ve captured your champion, Thomas, you see
What’s that? He was freed by some snack trickery!!
Your muffins have made our best plans come undone,
But so long as they’re fresh I think I’ll have one
I beg you again sign this bone of surrender
Our beerquila’s stout and our sticky ribs tender
We’re chilled by your ice and we tire of your puns
We’d rather drink rum on the beach in the sun”
Shelob’s got no sea-legs and Spade’s turned to rust
The tap dancing penguins say disco or bust
We’ll have an ice cream social, but none for BC
We’ll need a hot toddy to thaw him you see
The Skeletal Hamsters of Cerb said ‘Enough
This fighting must end so now pack up your stuff
We’ll have a big luau to relieve the stress
Now where is that butler, let him clean this mess’
So after much drinking the raiders set sail
Although just who won it is too hard to tell
But I heard them exclaim, ere they rowed out of sight
“We must do this again, it was such a fun fight”



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