Security Council Resolution # 35: Commend The Skeleton Army, November 2010

Side note: Some of the flowery in-character terms, with Sedge’s kind permission, have now ended up in the introduction text.

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Commend The Skeleton Army
A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation
Nominee: The Skeleton Army
Proposed by: Sedgistan

Description: The World Assembly,

Recognising The Skeleton Army as the self-declared “greatest raider region,”

Bowing down to their mighty leader, the Warrior Skeleton Queen of Ramazakal,

Noting that their fearless armies of the undead are renowned for conquering regions under the cover of darkness,

Aware that this is a fate that has befallen such prominent regions as Texas, The West Pacific, The Rejected Realms, and The Cuckoos Egg,

Surprised to learn that The Skeleton Army never causes harm to the regions it invades and instead prefers to mingle with the natives, steal food from their barbecues, and attempt to drink beer – with hilarious results,

Appreciating The Skeleton Army’s generous supply of sticky ribs to the regions it conquers,

Acknowledging that all that The Skeleton Army requires from its defeated enemies is for them to sign the Thighbone of Surrender,

Believing that these novel and unique military tactics are far superior to the conventional varieties,

Desiring that other regions follow their example,

Thusly Commends The Skeleton Army.

Votes For: 2,964
Votes Against: 1,352

Implemented: Mon Nov 1 2010

Somewhere on the WA archive shelves, occasionally dusted off by diligent WA gnomes.


World Assembly Discussion: Commend The Skeleton Army, May – November 2010


A little bit of background – The Skeleton Army is the funniest raider group around. They’ve been in NationStates for several years, and their method of ‘raiding’ is to move some non-WA nations to the target region, and then post on the RMB claiming to have taken it over. I don’t think that description really does them justice – their invasions are absolutely hilarious, and generally enjoyed by all involved – especially the ‘invaded’ region.

Diplomats discuss in the halls of the WA


a raiding group that increases the activity of regions they ‘invade’, do no harm to them at all, don’t infringe their sovereignty, and all in all provide a good time for everyone

First Drafting in the Security Council Forum

NSwiki Article:

Following the submission of the proposal, The Skeleton Army decided to invade Yggdrasil followed by The West Pacific to demonstrate their methods.

NSwiki on the Resolution


The Skeleton Army is a rather unique group…

Citizens converse in The Rejected Realms


I am for this one

Ten Thousand Islanders talk over the idea

Moafin (Chancellor Shaw):

I quite enjoyed their stint here.

The Eastern Pacificans exchange views in The East Pacific

Early Recruitment Attempts, February 2007

An early Skeleton Army sighting documents the formidable invasion force on its march towards glory. In those days, regional message boards were called the Civil Headquarters. The posts disappeared as soon as they scrolled out of sight.

Silliness from the Civil Headquarters
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An observer in The North Pacific, Jerrimania, notes on February 22, 2007:

Silliness from the Civil Headquarters

Sometimes, among the recruitment trash on the region’s messageboard, a little golden nugget will sometimes appear and make you chuckle.

My experience with Nationstates has been limited, but I know the basic jist (gist? gyst?) of the invading and defending regions thing. So when I saw this odd recruitment ad a few minutes ago, I had to chuckle and share.

The Fiefdom of Skeleton Recruiter:

Join the Skeleton Army

The worst Invaders in the history of Nation States, we do not require UN status, in fact we would prefer it if your not!!!!!

Come help us achieve our goal of making it 0/100 un-successful raids, so far we have failed to raid three regions, so we are well on our way to that magic number.

100, oooOOO that’s the Magic Number.

Our glourious military leader Tu-Pac can show you all the ropes in how not to raid.

Hey even if you do not want to join our pathetic army, you can drop by and leave a good skelelton joke or two, or come join us for some Humerus fun and gorge on some sticky ribs we do not mind.

Skeleton Army Recruiter spotted in The North Pacific

World Factbook Entry of the Second Region


At night the Skeleton Army will rise, to feast and party in other regions, before returning home to again rest.

Jubungu shall be remembered
Regions Invaded: ~53

Aoi, Gondor, Hyrule, Ulthar, Animal House, Philosophy 115, British Steel, The West Pacific, The Cuckoos Egg, Yggdrasil, Lazarus
Royal decree: flying monkeys shall be known as FLYIN’ MONKEHS
One Big Island not worth our effort due to them being so afraid they ejected and banned us
The Skeleton Army loves Bearistotle and Hebert!

Early History of The Skeleton Army. An Interview with Ramazakal and The Skeletal Plague

How about a few words on the early history of The Skeleton Army?

Boy that takes me back. I had created this nation and was just sort of sitting in a feeder and saw a recruitment ad for the skeleton army and sort of went to check it out, soon after Tupac came and there were four of us. Than they went and CTEd.

The Skeletal Plague:
I do not believe that TSA was that young when the mafia kidnapped me, dragged me there and dropped me off (apparently due to someone else thinking I was a nuisance and wanting to get rid of me. The Pacifics can be so rude.)

Ramazakal, you and Tupac decided to found the Second Region as Ramatupac. Can you tell us something about that time?

Tupac and I decided to refound the region as we both liked the concept. The original founder (side note its because of something he said that I came up with the kerrywhatsher name thing) had CTEd, and the rest was trial and error and recruiting and it took off.

What did you do? Lots of gloriously ‘failed’ invasions, starting with Sweden, apparently.

Yes thats correct, thats how it started as going in knowing we would fail, in the eyes of nation states that is, but to us we won everytime. Alot of regions/nations didn’t know what to think of us and we ran into some unfriendly regions/nations and even got mod spanked a few times. So we had to regroup and figure out what to do. We did start getting some invitations to invade.

As a group, how did you develop The Skeleton Army’s roleplay theme, invasion, surrender and party?

It just developed over time. We were always role playing as most of us had other nations elsewhere. This was like the nations just want to have fun region, I guess. We were alot more active back then. We just set ground rules of no WA’s on missions, no disrepect, if they seemed that they didn’t want us there we left. We have had alot of wonderfull nations come and go and I miss them, but the new ones we aquire are wonderful also.