The Rejected Realms Song

The Rejected Realms

A Song for The Rejected Realms

by The Bone of Contention
November 2013

Melody: Walking On Air by King Crimson

King Crimson: Walking on Air

The Rejected Realms flag

The Rejected Realms flag

The Rejected Realms Song

Close your eyes and look at me.
Do you wonder why you’re here?
This zone’s ejection-free,
so do take a chair.
If you stay and chat a bit
you’ll find pleasantness and wit
here in The Rejected Realms,
a region with flair.

And if petty conflicts brought you here
take your time, consider what you want.
There’s much you haven’t tried
and the world is so wide.
You don’t have to hurry.
Stay and get to know
The Rejected Realms.
Just go with the flow.

And some days you’ll see the RRA
chase the disproportionately loud away.
Unicorns so white
come alive in your eyes
through the world to hurry.
We decide with whom
we play, plain as day
to all but a few.

And the worries of the world lie down
when you meet some of the regulars.
There are spirits of renown
in this classy restaurant.
You don’t have to worry.
Chill here, free from care
in The Rejected Realms.
A breath of fresh air.

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