The East Pacific Invasion, July 2010

One of the invasions in 2010 befell The East Pacific! A fierce battle ensued.

Monkeys (Eustace):

Friday 7/23/2010


In a bold move after their raid on game administrator’s region Cuckoos Nest [ed. note: The Cuckoos Egg], The Skeleton Army raided The East Pacific. Looks like these two regions are a match made in heaven. TEP has a strong role playing tradition and TSA is a role playing raider region. It’s all part of the game: TSA raids do not include playing capture the delegate flag.

After a week of fierce fighting (RMB RP) and a surprise move to TEP assuming a Star Trek borg motif which assimilates all nations, the standoff continues as I write this.

Fridays with Monkeys on The East Pacific invasion


Ulthar Invasion, January 2009

In 2009, one of the regions invaded was Ulthar!

Mayor For Life:

Our counterspy Undead Berzerker will return to The Skeleton Army with Monkeys in Helmets. Well let them sort out who is Ambassador and who is manservant (knowing them, they’ll arm wrestle to take turns). I have signed the Thighbone of Defeat and Ulthar will welcome the undead to visit the City and treat them as dignitaries. Party at One Eyed Jack’s!

An account of the Invasion of Ulthar by The Skeleton Army, courtesy of Bob and Mayor For Life.

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