World Assembly Discussion: Commend The Skeleton Army, May – November 2010


A little bit of background – The Skeleton Army is the funniest raider group around. They’ve been in NationStates for several years, and their method of ‘raiding’ is to move some non-WA nations to the target region, and then post on the RMB claiming to have taken it over. I don’t think that description really does them justice – their invasions are absolutely hilarious, and generally enjoyed by all involved – especially the ‘invaded’ region.

Diplomats discuss in the halls of the WA


a raiding group that increases the activity of regions they ‘invade’, do no harm to them at all, don’t infringe their sovereignty, and all in all provide a good time for everyone

First Drafting in the Security Council Forum

NSwiki Article:

Following the submission of the proposal, The Skeleton Army decided to invade Yggdrasil followed by The West Pacific to demonstrate their methods.

NSwiki on the Resolution


The Skeleton Army is a rather unique group…

Citizens converse in The Rejected Realms


I am for this one

Ten Thousand Islanders talk over the idea

Moafin (Chancellor Shaw):

I quite enjoyed their stint here.

The Eastern Pacificans exchange views in The East Pacific


The East Pacific Invasion, July 2010

One of the invasions in 2010 befell The East Pacific! A fierce battle ensued.

Monkeys (Eustace):

Friday 7/23/2010


In a bold move after their raid on game administrator’s region Cuckoos Nest [ed. note: The Cuckoos Egg], The Skeleton Army raided The East Pacific. Looks like these two regions are a match made in heaven. TEP has a strong role playing tradition and TSA is a role playing raider region. It’s all part of the game: TSA raids do not include playing capture the delegate flag.

After a week of fierce fighting (RMB RP) and a surprise move to TEP assuming a Star Trek borg motif which assimilates all nations, the standoff continues as I write this.

Fridays with Monkeys on The East Pacific invasion

Ulthar Summer Solstice Festival, June 2010

The Skeleton Army came to Ulthar on the occasion of the Summer Solstice Festival, to which Da Mayor invited the fabled city’s friends.

Mayor For Life:

A party just isn’t a party without your friends. Ulthar just isn’t Ulthar without our friends. In no particular order – because I hate playing favorites – are the regions whose nations came, played, and made this our most successful festival ever.

Kittens Sanctuary



The Bad Place

Animal House

Green Day

Free States of Gaia

The Skeleton Army

The Local Supermarket


The East Pacific


Test Lab1

Thank you for being our friend.

Summer Solstice on the Ulthar site