The North Pacific Song

The North Pacific Song

by The Bone of Contention
December 2013 / January 2014

Melody: Bananaphone by Raffi Cavoukian

The North Pacific Flag

The North Pacific Flag

The North Pacific Song



Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Hi TNP!
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Long time no see.
I’ve got this feeling, so appealing,
For us to get together and feast. Feast!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring It’s New Year’s Eve
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding And we believe
Let’s do invasion on this occasion.
Improvised, synchronised,
Skeletal, rose-petal, bone china, mithril metal.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Hi delegate.
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping Let’s celebrate.
If you surrender to mercies tender
Of our Queen, you will not regret.

Don’t need anything to boast,
Just a Queen sublime
And her grand skeletal host
To have a real good time!
We have beerquila. We have the booze.
We have provisions, you can choose.
The grills are fired up for you, have a care with the sauce, it’s hot-hot-hot-hot!

(Soprano Sax Solo)

Play that thing!
(Piano Solo)

Whooo Hooo!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Hi frozen North.
Yin yang yin yang yin yang ying We ventured forth
To The North Pacific and its polar lights.
You’ve been terrific to play with these nights.
You can hold your drink and take good aim too! Oh Yeah!
‘Til the undead are buried once more.

Bye, TNP! Bye bye bye!
(But it all seemed so real!)
A good New Year and farewell!
(Now you can have your invasion and eat it too!)
We must go home, to our crypts!
(And suddenly, it’s over!)
Bye TNP, bye bye bye!


McMasterdonia Flag

McMasterdonia Flag


Early Recruitment Attempts, February 2007

An early Skeleton Army sighting documents the formidable invasion force on its march towards glory. In those days, regional message boards were called the Civil Headquarters. The posts disappeared as soon as they scrolled out of sight.

Silliness from the Civil Headquarters
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An observer in The North Pacific, Jerrimania, notes on February 22, 2007:

Silliness from the Civil Headquarters

Sometimes, among the recruitment trash on the region’s messageboard, a little golden nugget will sometimes appear and make you chuckle.

My experience with Nationstates has been limited, but I know the basic jist (gist? gyst?) of the invading and defending regions thing. So when I saw this odd recruitment ad a few minutes ago, I had to chuckle and share.

The Fiefdom of Skeleton Recruiter:

Join the Skeleton Army

The worst Invaders in the history of Nation States, we do not require UN status, in fact we would prefer it if your not!!!!!

Come help us achieve our goal of making it 0/100 un-successful raids, so far we have failed to raid three regions, so we are well on our way to that magic number.

100, oooOOO that’s the Magic Number.

Our glourious military leader Tu-Pac can show you all the ropes in how not to raid.

Hey even if you do not want to join our pathetic army, you can drop by and leave a good skelelton joke or two, or come join us for some Humerus fun and gorge on some sticky ribs we do not mind.

Skeleton Army Recruiter spotted in The North Pacific