The Rejected Realms Song

The Rejected Realms

A Song for The Rejected Realms

by The Bone of Contention
November 2013

Melody: Walking On Air by King Crimson

King Crimson: Walking on Air

The Rejected Realms flag

The Rejected Realms flag

The Rejected Realms Song

Close your eyes and look at me.
Do you wonder why you’re here?
This zone’s ejection-free,
so do take a chair.
If you stay and chat a bit
you’ll find pleasantness and wit
here in The Rejected Realms,
a region with flair.

And if petty conflicts brought you here
take your time, consider what you want.
There’s much you haven’t tried
and the world is so wide.
You don’t have to hurry.
Stay and get to know
The Rejected Realms.
Just go with the flow.

And some days you’ll see the RRA
chase the disproportionately loud away.
Unicorns so white
come alive in your eyes
through the world to hurry.
We decide with whom
we play, plain as day
to all but a few.

And the worries of the world lie down
when you meet some of the regulars.
There are spirits of renown
in this classy restaurant.
You don’t have to worry.
Chill here, free from care
in The Rejected Realms.
A breath of fresh air.

Frattastan II flag

Frattastan II flag


Security Council Resolution # 35: Commend The Skeleton Army, November 2010

Side note: Some of the flowery in-character terms, with Sedge’s kind permission, have now ended up in the introduction text.

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Commend The Skeleton Army
A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation
Nominee: The Skeleton Army
Proposed by: Sedgistan

Description: The World Assembly,

Recognising The Skeleton Army as the self-declared “greatest raider region,”

Bowing down to their mighty leader, the Warrior Skeleton Queen of Ramazakal,

Noting that their fearless armies of the undead are renowned for conquering regions under the cover of darkness,

Aware that this is a fate that has befallen such prominent regions as Texas, The West Pacific, The Rejected Realms, and The Cuckoos Egg,

Surprised to learn that The Skeleton Army never causes harm to the regions it invades and instead prefers to mingle with the natives, steal food from their barbecues, and attempt to drink beer – with hilarious results,

Appreciating The Skeleton Army’s generous supply of sticky ribs to the regions it conquers,

Acknowledging that all that The Skeleton Army requires from its defeated enemies is for them to sign the Thighbone of Surrender,

Believing that these novel and unique military tactics are far superior to the conventional varieties,

Desiring that other regions follow their example,

Thusly Commends The Skeleton Army.

Votes For: 2,964
Votes Against: 1,352

Implemented: Mon Nov 1 2010

Somewhere on the WA archive shelves, occasionally dusted off by diligent WA gnomes.

World Assembly Discussion: Commend The Skeleton Army, May – November 2010


A little bit of background – The Skeleton Army is the funniest raider group around. They’ve been in NationStates for several years, and their method of ‘raiding’ is to move some non-WA nations to the target region, and then post on the RMB claiming to have taken it over. I don’t think that description really does them justice – their invasions are absolutely hilarious, and generally enjoyed by all involved – especially the ‘invaded’ region.

Diplomats discuss in the halls of the WA


a raiding group that increases the activity of regions they ‘invade’, do no harm to them at all, don’t infringe their sovereignty, and all in all provide a good time for everyone

First Drafting in the Security Council Forum

NSwiki Article:

Following the submission of the proposal, The Skeleton Army decided to invade Yggdrasil followed by The West Pacific to demonstrate their methods.

NSwiki on the Resolution


The Skeleton Army is a rather unique group…

Citizens converse in The Rejected Realms


I am for this one

Ten Thousand Islanders talk over the idea

Moafin (Chancellor Shaw):

I quite enjoyed their stint here.

The Eastern Pacificans exchange views in The East Pacific